Title: Borromean View

Title: Borromean View



Jesus Vio is a visual artist, musician, and poet born in Santiago, Chile, in 1989. At age six, he moved to Frankfurt-Germany for 2 years and then relocated to Miami Beach, FL where he developed his passion for the arts as a teenager. He attended Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) in Miami until 2008 and then got accepted to School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) and Tufts University in Boston, MA, where he graduated with a BFA in 2012. Jesus has since made art, music, and poetry while residing in Miami, Boston, Nashville, Berlin and is currently living in Northampton, MA. His visual art practice consists of collage, sculpture, and performance art. In his solo music, performing under his given name Jesus Vio, he seeks to make diverse records, play with various collaborators, and commission a variety of artists for merchandise, music videos, and album art. Jesus likes to write a poem a day, hoping to publish the best ones under the title "My Name is Jesus Too." Jesus's overall artistic practice is to remain radically true to his creative self as a means of challenging nihilism, materialism, and loneliness in our contemporary culture. He hopes to contribute to positive changes in people, by having the field of art become responsible for the psychological development of more loving societies. 


Jesus Vio uses landscape to explore new themes and aesthetics for the general global consciousness by using multimedia collage, contemporary transcendental/spiritual reflections of nature, and titles with themes of science. One of his main references for this body of work has been the Luminist landscapes by the Hudson River School artists between 1850-1870. The motifs of the Luminists were westward expansion, manifest destiny, rediscovery of the divine in deep/tranquil uncharted nature, while creating a national identity after the American Revolution. These themes were conveyed through depiction's of the sun setting in the west, unrecognizable brush strokes that create stillness and soft celestial lighting over the uncharted territory by the early European colonizers. Vio references these Luminist aesthetics to deconstruct and challenge them. Instead of using unrecognizable brush strokes, he uses multimedia collaging as a metaphor for re-assembling the remaining bits of our anthropogenic landscapes and holding space for the preservation and construction of amorous ecological and biodiverse environments. The Luminists ethos don't align with Jesus's politics and the way he sees landscapes as a first generation American Latino in 2018. Now that the global landscape is facing a moral division and identity crisis, he seeks to make ways for many unrecognized narratives or realities, that depart from the traditional values of painters like the Luminists. He's in search for progress, a new type of modern landscapes. As he looks over the oxbow at Skinner Park in Hadley, MA, Vio feels at peace aligning his histories to this scenery, while hoping for redemption, reconciliation, and justice for all unspoken identities.


Jesus Vio's musical career started when he co-founded the punk band Free Pizza with longtime friend and collaborator Santiago Cardenas in 2009. Free Pizza broke up in 2016 after two full-length records on Bufu Records titled: "Boston-MA" and "Berlin- DE", the latter premiered on SPIN. In Free Pizza, he resided in 3 major U.S. cities: Boston, Miami, and Nashville and one European city: Berlin, Germany. After Free Pizza broke up, he set out to pursue his solo project under his given name, Jesus Vio. He now tours with a backing band and was featured on Allston Pudding, Boston Hassle, and as an artist of the month on the Nashville Deli website. He has done solo D.I.Y./low-fidelity albums in the past but currently is anticipating the release of his first, high-fidelity, full-length record called "Dutch Science" recorded in Nashville, in 2017. He is currently wrapping up the recordings of his second full-length record "Sin Paco" (this means without police in Chilean slang) in Northampton, MA. In the production of his solo records, he seeks to orchestrate song writing-jams, where he writes basic song structures and has musicians he trusts in taste, skill, and vision, collaborate in furthering the compositions and final outcomes. Jesus references the "Tao Te Ching" (6th century BC text for leaders written by the sage Laozi) as a spiritual guide for manifesting his projects, allowing him to humbly hold space and be present for the personal creative journeys of each one of his musical collaborators. One of his favorite things about music is that it is a vessel to exhibit, commission and collaborate with paralleling visual artists for posters, merchandise, music videos, and cover art. Jesus hopes to find a matching label to release current and future records to help support his lifelong passion for music making. 


Jesus Vio goes through spurts in time, where he will write, on average, a poem a day. He has been writing poetry and lyrics since the age of 11 and it has been a continuing importance in staying creative. Now he has decided to start compiling his favorite poems to publish a book called "My Name is Jesus Too". The poems will be featured on this website and at local poetry readings until then.